Plain English Golf Lessons from one of a select few BioSwing Dynamics Level 2 Certified Instructors in the World.

You get the most powerful swing that your body can produce.



High Performance   Instruction & Coaching

Whether you are progressing junior, a high school player, a collegiate level player, or even a touring professional, you will get the very best instruction and coaching for every part of your game. I use state-of-the-art technology and the very best biomechanical screens to help you strike the ball better than you ever thought you could. From the best green reading and putting techniques, to on - course coaching, to club fitting, I can help you achieve the level of golf you want to play!

Year Round Improvement Outdoors / Indoors

In addition to working outdoors on the practice facility or the course, the studio features space for 3 people to work on their game at a time plus putting using the latest in technology like Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor, K-Coach, Smart 2 Move Force Plates, Focus Band, Myelinator, and training aids of all kind that are used to help everyone practice with accurate and specific feedback.

Golf Instruction Made Simple and Fun For All!

Everyone can learn to quickly perform well and enjoy golf! There are outdoor clinics, indoor classes and plenty of space to practice here at Plane and Simple Golf School all year round. Whenever you want to get better or learn about the game and how to play, you can do it all here. Bring friends, create your own group, or just sign up for one of the evening classes that happen all year. There are classes for ladies, beginners, beyond the basics, and topic based classes like putting, green reading, short game, driving the ball, and more.


“I can NOT believe how easy you made it to hit the best shots of my life! It was fast, simple, repeatable, straight and looooong!”
T. McMahon - Indianapolis, IN

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