Young Champions Program

This is where to bring your serious young golfer after they have been exposed to golf and have played and found that they love the game and want to play their best in high school and try to compete on the next level.

The program features:

  • Small group and semi-private instruction
  • Use of the Latest Technology in instruction
    • Foresight Sports Launch Monitor
    • K-Vest Kinetic Sensor Body Tracking
    • Enhanced Slow Motion Video Feedback
    • Laser Guided Putting Tracking
  • Advanced Green Reading Techniques
    • Aimpoint Express Putting and other Methods
  • On-Course Instruction - Playing Strategies
    • Learning to Play Different Shots and in Different Conditions

A Serious Program for Measured Improvement of Your Success

12 Month Program Includes:

  • Full Equipment Evaluation & Fitting & Recommendations
  • Ball Fitting
  • Short Game Improvement Plan and Improvement Measuring System
  • 5   Individual 30 minute lessons with Jeff Smith
    • Scoring Zone Short Game
    • Full Swing
    • On - Course (April to October)
  • 15   Semi-Private Hours of Supervised Indoor Golf Studio Practice Time using high speed video camera, K-Coach and launch monitor/simulator time (November - April)
  • 5   30 Minute Supervised Group Outdoor Practice Sessions
  • Golf Game Improvement Plan (Written Planner)
  • Golf Swing Video Using High Speed Camera throughout the year
  • Email Newsletters with video tips
  • Constant communication on skill improvement and all parts of student's game via
  • Updates on Players ranking of improvement of those in the program
  • Free Access to Seminars:
    • Rules and How They Can Help You Lower Your Score
    • Having a Strong Mental Game- The Way to Better Performance
    • On - Course Shot Demonstrations and Instruction
    • On - Course Stroke Savers
    • Monthly Winners among those in the group for:
      • Fewest # of Putts during an 18 hole round
      • Most greens hit in an 18 hole round
      • Biggest Skill Improvement by % in the Short Game Skill area
  • Prizes = Titleist Pro-V1 Balls
  • There will be a winners notice on the radio and in the newspaper
  • Plane and Simple Golf School Golf Towel Practice Aid
  • Use of the Myelinator (Slow Motion & Stop Action Swing Trainer) for only $50 / hour


Annual Fee:                    $1,500     Pay up front and receive 1 dozen

                                                       Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls

Semi-Annual Fee:

                                        $750       At the Beginning and at the 6 Month Mark

Monthly Fee:                   $125